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How Early You Should Take Your Kid To The Dentist?

Article written by Family health advices

Going to the dentist at an early age is essential for healthy teeth. The first visit of a child to a dentist should come at the onset of the his first teeth. Regular visits once or twice a year, allow early detection of cavities before they become painful. There are pediatric dentists, who reserve their daily practice for child care. If applicable, ask your dentist if he treats young children.

If the child needs regular inspection or he complains of pain in the tooth, first of all try to calm your child. There is no need to make the situation worse with phrases about painful injections with thin needles, blood and drilling teeths etc.

Prepare your child for the appointment by explaining the course of the consultation in simple words. To assist you in this case, you can use a book that tells him about the first visit to the dentist.

If your child wakes up early in the morning, come to the doctor early. If the baby is asleep during the day, then do not sign up for examination in the afternoon.

Explain to your child that the doctor will look at his teeth and heal them if necessary. Explain him how to keep the mouth open without speaking or moving. Finally, tell him that he will experience a wide variety of sensations (sounds, smells …) but do not tell him about pain.

Allow your child to interact with the dentist. The dentist will explain what he is going to do. During the examination, you can stand near to make a contact or sit a little apart.

Your child will hardly require any extra care during his first visit to the dentist except in the case of emergency.

If your child already has a negative experience of dental treatment, try changing doctors, clinic, consult with your pediatrician for proper preparation of the child before visiting the dentist.

Note the date of the next appointment for regular monitoring. At home, put into practice the advice of the dentist. Encourage and help your child to brush his teeth in the morning and evening after meals with a toothbrush and appropriate fluoride toothpaste, following the



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