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Adjusting Bedding for the Change of Seasons

There are different types of bedding appropriate for each of the seasons. As the temperature and weather change, switching bed linens can increase people’s level of comfort while they sleep and help save on energy expenditures.

Most people have trouble sleeping if they feel too hot or too cold. In the colder months throughout winter and fall, people can stay cozy and warm in bed by choosing heavier sheets and blankets made from materials like thick cotton, fleece, and wool. These fabrics help insulate the body. There are complete luxury bedding sets that are designed for cooler months, and when used, can decrease the need to spend excess energy and money on indoor heating.

For the warmer months in spring and summer, trying to sleep in a bed that’s too hot can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to restless nights. Switching out pillow cases and sheets for lighter materials like thin cotton or linen is a great way to stay cooler. Both are very light, breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate, instead of trapping heat. Using thin quilts or blankets can help, too. There are also duvet covers and comforters that are made for the warmer months and are designed to pull heat away from the body.

Keeping bed linens appropriate for the weather decreases the need for excessive indoor air conditioning, cutting down on consumers’ bills. And whether the temperature is dropping or rising, adjusting bedding choices helps people sleep more comfortably and soundly.

Bio: Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos blogs for BeddingStyle, offering tips on styles for the bedroom and how to improve sleeping habits.



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