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Causes & Symptoms of Vitiligo

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Vitiligo is a sort of pigmentation disorder wherein the melanocytes that create skin pigmentation are destroyed. When the melanocytes get impaired the skin is unable to create pigmentation thus leading to patchy skin. The patchy skin might also appear on the retina and the mucus membranes.

Symptoms of vitiligo:

  • People develop patch skin, especially on those areas that are exposed to the skin.
  • Face, arms, hands, feet, neck and parts of the chest are more prone to vitiligo.
  • Armpits, nostrils, mouth, rectum and gentiles are other areas where these patches can appear.
  • Fist is the focal point where skin pigmentation occurs.
  • This disorder may also result in hair graying of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard.

Causes of vitiligo are:

  • The cause for skin pigmentation is not yet known but it is understood that the cytokines produced by the body tend to alter the melanocytes causing them to die slowly, this result is skin pigmentation.

Remedies to cure skin pigmentation include:

  • Expose the body to sun for a few minutes every day but should not be over done as it can burn the skin.
  • Lemna minor mixed with honey and water and drank twice daily will help reactivate the melanocytes. Fresh juice of lemna minor and rubbed on the affected area will help the skin.
  • St. John Wort and its juice diluted with water and drank everyday for at least five months will help increase resistance to sunlight.

Diet for vitiligo should be healthy and should comprise of more fruits and fresh vegetables this helps detoxify the body. Diet rich in fibre and drinking lots of water helps curing vitiligo.  Diet rich in vitamin A, B and C is also helpful.

Avoid stress and rest as much as you can.



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