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Constipation, is it a health problem for the elderly?

Article written by Coleanse Diet Pills.

Constipation for many includes irregular or infrequent bowel movement, less than desired elimination or even difficult bowel movement where one has to strain or put too much pressure during elimination. If these conditions are more frequent, is it chronic constipation? Or is it an occasional irregularity? Many elderly people consider constipation as a more common health problem for them. Therefore, medical literature aimed at the elderly call it an idiopathic constipation and pays special attention to constipation and related issues. Medical community considers constipation more as a side effect of drugs or as a bowel malformation. This is many over-the-counter laxatives recommend it for occasional irregularity.

Dietary supplements play a bigger part in addressing constipation. Herbs including Cape aloe, Senna, Chinese Rhubarb Root and Cascara Sagrada that are proven laxatives have been used in many commercial preparations including Coleanse Pills to address constipation. When choosing a supplement avoid those that cause side effects.

Constipation for many include side effect from drugs, bowel malformation or even straining during bowel movement. The elderly suffers from it more than any other group. Coleanse contains proven natural laxatives to bring relief from constipation.


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