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Financing Options for LASIK Surgery

Even though the surgery can change lives the rather high costs can turn people away. Understanding your financing options for the surgery is one effective way to figure out if the operation is practical for you.

Pay at Once

The most obvious and straightforward way to pay for the operation is to pay the full amount before the surgery takes place, similar to how you would pay for the cheapest contact lenses online before they arrive. While this is understandably the most expensive option in the short-term, paying the full price at once will make paying for the treatment one less thing to stress about in the future.

Payment Plan

Another route some businesses offer is the payment plan method. The treatment is costlier than lenses at a place like Lens.com, so some businesses try to accommodate to make paying for the surgery more manageable. Having the option to break the cost of the procedure down into monthly payments, such as a few months or possibly even a few years, can put less financial strain on patients. Furthermore, some companies offer low interest plans, while others might not add any interest to the fees.

If this sounds like the most attractive option to you, then you will need to give the company you are financing the treatment with your driver’s license information, a recent credit check, the operation cost, and the information of the company that will be carrying out the procedure. Most financing companies will be upfront about how the payment processing will work so you will not be surprised by hidden fees.



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