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Health benefits of Poppy seeds

Written by: The Diet Solutions Cam

Poppy seeds have numerous health benefits. They are great sources of several nutrients and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and potassium. Some of their most known benefits include attenuating the risk of heart diseases and helping to build strong bone structures. This is particularly good for aging people and young children. However, the poppy seed does not only bring health benefits to these two groups. Every individual would benefit from its consumption. Consuming this seeds would help in achieving a good digestion and it strengthens the immunitary system. It is also believed that a diet rich in poppy seeds can help the organism to defend itself against cancer.

Other benefits brought about by consuming poppy seeds is the increase in resistance to several other health issues. The body is thus able to fight against diseases and infections. The irons content of the poppy seed is responsible for this immunitary boost. Iron also facilitates the transportation of oxygen to the whole body. The seeds also cheer up a person and promote a good memory. If you wish to substantially add poppy seeds to your daily diet or in some occasional recipes, you could consider buying them in bulk. Blue poppy seeds tend to have the lowest morphine content compared to the other types of poppy seeds. You might find your poppy seeds supplier online. Bulk poppy seeds are more cost-effective and they have a good shelf life, so you can keep them for several months.


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