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How to Visualize Your Dreams

Written by Heather Richards

There are many different techniques available to help us manifest our dreams. Some people believe in prayer and meditation, while others believe in techniques that involve the Law of Attraction. Recently I’ve been learning about visualization, one of the most common Law of Attraction techniques used to manifesting desires.

But even visualization can get tricky, because the techniques change depending on who you ask. Luckily I came across a great blog post written by Dr. Eric Amidi that shed some light on the matter. Here’s a look at the proper way to visualize your dreams in order manifest them in your life:

Don’t imagine yourself doing the steps. All too often people who visualize their dreams also imagine themselves living out the steps required to get there. But according to Dr. Eric Amidi, this is a mistake. The reason this is a problem is because they imagine all the hard work it will take to reach the goal. Focusing on the hard work might tell your subconscious to stay away.

Imagine the joyous results. As mentioned above, it’s not productive to imagine the painful steps or hard work it might take to reach a goal. In fact, it will sabotage yourself because your mind will do anything it can to avoid pain. Instead, he suggests that it’s better to visualize the positive emotions involved with the dream. Dr. Eric Amidi writes, “When your subconscious is impressed with strong and pleasurable emotions, it will automatically takes care of the steps in between.”


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