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Oriental Massage – Techniques, Benefits, and Therapeutic Effects

By Garden Retreat Spa

In New York, Asian massage therapies have become popular as they relieve stress, reduce muscle tension and relieve pain from many illnesses. Oriental massage therapy originates from several countries in Asian and includes Chinese, Japanese and Thai Massage techniques.

Types of Oriental Massage – Oriental massages can be broadly categorized as follows;

Tui Na – This technique is related to the flow of healing energy and restores balance and self-healing.

Dian Xue – This method uses acupressure and focuses on working on pressure points and meridians.

Wai Qi Liao Fa – This is based on the concepts learned by the therapist and its goal is to re-establish balanced energy flow.

Amno – This technique is similar to acupressure and is focused on increasing circulation by adding pressure. The other benefits include increased flexibility, reduced soreness, and deep relaxation.

Thai Massage – The goal of this technique is to re-establishing the energy flow within the body. The therapist will include yoga style stretching that will energize and strengthen the body. Such massage is common in most spas that offer Asian massage. Manhattan is one of the most popular cities for such massage.

Most oriental massage techniques are styles that have been handed down from as far back as a thousand years ago. However, techniques today incorporate some medical massage techniques into their traditional practices.

If you are thinking of enjoying an oriental massage, ask your spa if they are certified to practice and if their therapist has masters degrees in oriental medicine.


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