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How to talk to aging parents about their living choices

Speaking to elderly loved ones about leaving their home and moving into an assisted living facility Pasadena can be a difficult conversation. Raising the conversation correctly and at the right time can help both parties reach a decision that is in their best interest.

The following tips can help children address this issue with care and compassion.

Prepare – Start by creating a list of concerns. These could be questions regarding your elderly loves one’s safety and how they are currently managing their daily living requirements such as meals, grooming, bathing, and medication.

Educate yourself – Do your research and select a few retirement communities online. Book an appointment with facilities that you have shortlisted and visit them to understand what is on offer. Knowing what you are talking about can make seniors feel that you have done your research while increasing your credibility.

Understand how living situations can influence seniors- Living situations impact everyone, especially seniors. The correct living situation can increase longevity and help seniors live a happy healthy life. A safe, clean well-equipped facility can help seniors remain independent while allowing them to get involved with activities and people their age.

Have the conversation – Consider having the conversation as soon as possible, preferably face-to-face. Ensure the conversation is in a comfortable environment without interruptions. Listen to your loved one’s concerns and avoid minimizing their feelings. Avoid rushing the issue and plan to talk about it again if a decision has not been reached.

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