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New Designer Sofa Cushions at a Fraction of the Cost

Designing a space can be challenging. There are many good choices that would work but you want to find the right blend of colors, fabrics, styles and furniture that is perfect for your space. Many of your design ideas will come simply from the type of space you’re putting together. For more formal spaces like a dining room, you might choose more elegant fabrics. For many of us, the budget is also a factor.

How can you get designer sofa cushions that cost no more than regular? If you’re good at DIY projects, then it’s a simple matter.

Start by removing the old sofa cushions. Measure them and then decide if you need to replace the foam rubber. If it’s more than two years old, it’s probably best to do this. You can find any type of foam available for low costs at The Foam Factory. You can have your cushions cut to any size or shape.

Choosing your new designer fabric may be challenging. There are a number of good websites that have beautiful upholstery fabric for just $20 per yard. Of course, you will need some sewing skills. If you don’t have those, then how about checking around your neighborhood to see if there are any skilled seamstresses in the area?

Choose a fabric for your new sofa cushions that blends well with the rest of the sofa. If you get stumped on ideas, check out a few of the magazines like Country Home for amazing tips.

Stop by The Foam Factory website for a huge selection of foam for your foam replacement projects outside, in a boat or RV. They have every size. Unusual shapes and sizes are not a problem.



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