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Bossa Hearing: The Best Hearing Aids in 2024

Bossa Hearing makes some of the best ear aids in 2024. It is more than the cost of hearing devices that is within everyone’s reach. One of the contributing factors in choosing this device is that you can purchase individual ear pieces and not only pairs. Bossa’s fit hearing aids come with a trial period… Read More

Those with Hearing Loss Often Excel in Life

What does your ideal life entail? How does it make you feel? When you morph into the image of your ideal self, who are you? And even more important, how do you move forward into this amazing future? One step at a time, a great mentor can assist you in walking that path and realizing… Read More

What are the First Signs of Hearing Loss?

The human ear drum is a miraculous device, but it does have its limits. If you work around loud noises on a regular basis, your hearing can gradually be damaged. Unfortunately, the world seems to get louder each day. In a week’s time, you might hear everything from thunder to a gun shot or the… Read More