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The basics of korean massage

Korean massage and Korean spa NYC are very popular when it comes to the different types of Asian massage therapy techniques. Here is a quick primer on Korean massage:

Korean massage originates from the belief that in order to remain in good health, the balance of Um-Yang must be maintained. This is very similar in concept to the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang. Korean massage techniques are intended to help maintain or restore the balance of the Um-Yang. They also use acupuncture and herbal remedies to achieve this.

When it comes to Korean massage New York, the technique incorporates parts of shiatsu, Swedish and Thai massage. In addition, they also use many different Japanese massage techniques that involve fingertip, thumb, and elbow pressure. There are also shiatsu and reflexology movements that are used. These techniques have been in use for thousands of years.

Koreans believe that the alternating between light presses and firm massage enhances circulations and helps detoxify the body at a deeper and cellular level. This, in turn, reduces chronic illness and other diseases. Korean acupressure is an ancient practice that helps the body self-heal.


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