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The Three Personas of the Human Brain

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

The Law of Attraction shows us that the mind is made up of three different personas. Each of these personas control part of our being and help to determine how we process information and the types of energy that we create. These three personas are:

The Middle Mind: This is the conscious part of the brain which is stuck in there here and now. It is forever trapped in a fixed time and is always dealing with the logic of the past or the present. In essence, it is what creates the law of cause and effect in our psyche. It is always calculating what has happened in the past and trying to use this to guide our next steps.

In many ways, this is the part of the mind that runs the most “logically” but also presents the greatest amount of roadblocks to achieving manifestation. The middle mind is eternally creating barriers to keep you from believing in things that you can’t immediately see or feel. It’s almost the opposite of imagination: it bogs humans down in practical limitations.

The Lower Self: This reacts similarly to what we otherwise might call the subconscious mind. Unlike the Middle Mind, the Lower Self is completely timeless and operates without language or logic. Instead, it reacts to images that are presented to it in a myriad of ways. Essentially, the Lower Self cannot say no. If an image is presented to it, the Lower Self automatically accepts it was true and happening right now.

Understanding that the Lower Self does not have a concept of time or space is critical to harnessing its energy. When you are trapped in thinking negative thoughts about things that have happened in the past, the Lower Self doesn’t know that these things are actually in the past. It treats it as something that is happening right now and reacts accordingly. So the more you wallow in past misfortunes, the more your Lower Self becomes negative.

The Higher Self: This is the part of the brain that is most able to shape your future. It is infinitely powerful and has the ability to create an infinite amount of path for us. It truly is up to us to direct the Higher Self to create the right paths for us that will lead us to achieve true abundance. You do this by giving the Higher Self a clear understanding of your desires. Once the Higher Self knows what you want, it can automatically determine the paths that will guide you toward these desires.


Dr. Eric Amidi is a leading self-help expert and author. Eric Amidi has developed a system for motivated success using knowledge of how the human brain works.


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