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What Stops You From Getting a Good Night of Sleep

A night of great sleep gets harder to come by as we age, our bedding is just one of a number of reasons why. Stress is a major contributor, but there are factors in the bedroom itself that cause us to toss and turn ourselves out of deep sleep. If you want a better night of sleep, and you don’t want to spend too much money, consider the causes of sleep deprivation and work your way towards a solution. Everything in this list is simple to solve, and will contribute to a deeper sleep.


If the thermostat is too high or low, your body struggles to equalize its temperature with the room you’re in. This will affect your sleep pattern, and it’s often overlooked. There is no hard answer as to the best temperature for sleeping. Fortunately, you can take several steps to improve the temperature.

First, try swapping out your sheets or quilt for a bed in a bag. These sets tend to include comforters and lining, which can add a bit of extra warmth without pushing your temperatures too high. Fans and window circulation are another good idea to spot cool the room without running up your power bill.

Comfort Level

The level of comfort and support you feel throughout the night also plays a role in your sleeping habits. Adding extra support to your neck, or your back, aligns your spine and helps you sleep better. Side sleepers should try slipping a pillow between the legs, giving the knees some extra support. You may also try sleeping in the fetal position to stretch out your back a bit. Failure to stretch and rest the spine will leave you feeling stiff and compacted throughout the day. You can try to stretch out in the morning, for some relief, but the long term effect is serious.


Sounds in your space can be jarring you out of sleep. There are curtains you can purchase that dampen both sounds and noise, but your other option is white noise. It’s very non-offensive and helps to block out the background noise that occurs around your home. You’ll soon learn to sleep without even noticing it’s there.

Building a Cocoon

Designer bedding at different thread counts can add softness in addition to warmth, which plays into your own comfort. Finding your ideal sleep cocoon takes experimentation, but you can always make adjustments if you find yourself losing sleep.

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