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Three Ways to Stay Strong While Pursuing Your Dreams


Written by Heather Richards

Goals are important. They help us get the things we want in life. A realistic goal is usually attached to a clear course of action that you must be committed to if you want to accomplish your goal. While most of us are eager to set goals, the journey or course of action toward the goal can be discouraging and might even stop us from accomplishing our dreams. It might be difficult to commit to a long road ahead, especially if the course of action isn’t so clear or a guarantee.

So how do you stay strong and motivated while pursuing your dreams? Here are three tips to help you get what you want in life without losing steam:

Keep your eyes on the prize. Dr. Eric Amidi, a quantum physicist and author of the ebook, The Secret Behind the Secret,” writes that the best way to achieve your goals in life is to focus on your goal instead of the obstacles along the way. He uses grass as an example. Some blades of grass are able to grow through pavement even though they are not nearly as strong. So how does grass break through concrete? It focuses on its one mission: “to go up against gravity.” While you’re sure to come against many obstacles along your journey, it’s best to keep your eyes on the prize and keep walking. As Dr. Eric Amidi writes, if you “stay the course, you will get there for sure.”

Be diligent with each step along the journey. If you want to stay motivated while pursuing your dream, it’s important to consider the baby steps you will need to take to get there. Acknowledge and value each step. It’s easy to see accomplishments when they happen. We see someone purchase a new home, receive a degree, or cook a delicious meal. However, what we don’t see are the years of hard work and sweat it took to achieve that goal. If you’re on a path toward a goal, make sure that you give yourself credit for taking a step towards your desires each day, even if it’s a baby step.

Reveal your achievements, not your goals. It’s exciting to share our hopes and dreams with the people we love. But can announcing a goal too early hurt your chance of achieving it? Some people, including Dr. Eric Amidi, think it can. In a recent blog post, Dr. Amidi suggests that it might be better to keep a goal a secret in its early stages. This way you can keep it safe from negative comments and people in your life.


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