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Tips on Gaining Weight And Filling Out Your Body

Written by: Nick Di Ruscio

While much of the population in the United States is trying to lose weight, there are the ones that look to gain weight in a healthy fashion. But, how can you do this without compromising your health? By creating a rich diet and combining it with routine exercise, you’ll look less like a chopstick and have a more “filled-in” look to you. This article will discuss a plan of action that you can use if you’re looking to bulk up a bit.

Keep an Eye on Your Diet

While you may believe that stuffing your face with as much calories as you can followed by trimming it down in the gym will work, realistically, it may pose serious health issues. First off, figure out the amount of calories that you’re looking to ingest on a daily basis. This can easily be done using a calorie-tracking tool online, which will give you a rough estimate on the amount that you’re looking for. Then, add anywhere from 200 to 500 calories on top of it per day.

Balance Out Your Diet

Empty calories do nothing for you. Because you’re looking to achieve muscle mass and a more defined body, stack yourself with healthy foods that aren’t processed and contain healthy fats – such as nuts and avocados. Steak-eaters beware, while they’re packed with rich proteins and carbs, it takes the body a lot of energy to digest. So, if you’re just starting out, you may already find it difficult to continue popping carbs in your mouth. Instead try out complex carbs like rice, potatoes, and whole wheat.


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