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Top Contact Lens Tips You Might Not Know

Summary: Contact lenses are often neglected for a variety of reasons.

Contact lenses have become a staple in many households. However, many contact wearers do not follow the proper cleaning protocols and end up suffering from an infection or eye abrasion. All the dangers of contacts are easily avoided when you follow this guide.

Use the Proper Solution

Whether it’s Bausch and Lomb contact lenses or Acuvue, you’ll want to use the proper solution to keep lenses clean and moist. If you don’t you can easily get an eye infection. Bacterial infections can result in corneal ulcers and even cause blindness if not diagnosed and treated promptly. It’s crucial that you are savvy about storage. How you store your contact lenses is nearly as important as the way you wear them. Store reusable lenses in the right storage case after rubbing and rinsing it with a sterile contact lens solution.

Don’t Forget that Contact Lenses are Medical Devices

It’s also important to remember that contact lenses are still medical devices, and even if you are only using them for aesthetic purposes, they still carry the same risk as other contact lenses. Wearers need to follow the same safety procedures. Whether for pleasure or need, everyone needs a prescription, even for colored contact lenses. Retailers that sell colored lenses over the counter or without a prescription are doing so illegally, and this does include online purchases as well. Experienced suppliers like Lens.com are recommended if you do decide to purchase your contact lenses online. However, even when you are purchasing your contacts online, it is still highly recommended to speak to an optometrist beforehand.



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