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Why Dental Malpractice Lawyers Need a Personal Touch

Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of Dentalmal.com, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California.

Suffering a dental implant nerve injury or any kind of permanent damage from a botched dental procedure can be a traumatic experience. The pain, loss of taste, and forced lifestyle changes can cause a level of distress many people are unprepared for. However, many victims of dental malpractice can still seek justice through compensation for their damages. This requires the services of a good dental malpractice lawyer.

Good dental malpractice lawyers will understand which pieces of evidence can win a dental malpractice lawsuit. They’ll have enough knowledge of dentistry to show how a dentist violated the accepted standard of care. They’ll also know how to show that a dentist’s actions were directly responsible for their clients’ injuries. However, the best dental malpractice attorneys don’t stop there.

The process of filing a malpractice lawsuit while dealing with the lasting effects of their injuries can be overwhelming for victims of dental malpractice. They need lawyers who are patient, loyal, and compassionate to be their allies during a difficult period in their life. The best dental malpractice lawyers can guide their clients through the technical aspects of a case while also easing their clients’ fears and anxieties during the process.

Attorney Dane Levy has served the California area for many years, using his experiences in the USC School of Dentistry to help multiple clients win high-sum dental malpractice cases, including one case that resulted in a $2.3 million verdict. He has also developed a reputation for loyalty, helpfulness, and supportiveness, as seen in his client testimonials. If you need a dental malpractice lawyer with a personal touch, contact him at the Levy Law Firm today.


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