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How the Pandemic Has Affected Our Lives for the Long term

Imagine not having enough money to pay the rent or the bills. This can be depressing. But even worse is the loss of a husband, wife, or parent. These types of losses can take years to recover from. Many families need counseling but also financial help. This is true for millions of people across the world. The Global Spiritualist Association is developing new resources to help communities make a full recovery.

These are unprecedented times we’re living in. We are seeing all types of natural disasters that make the pandemic even worse for many. There’s so much despair and uncertainty for millions of humans. Whether you live in England, France, Asia, or North America, you may identify with these feelings of hopelessness. Our experts at the Global Spiritualist Association are saying that depression is taking a toll on people everywhere. So many have lost their jobs or someone they love.

Just recently, it was reported that a popular minister with a following of thousands lost his life to covid19. This caused widespread depression for the entire congregation. And this was just one example. We have all witnessed the loss of well-known writers, singers, movie stars and politicians. It seems that no one is immune. However, The Global Spiritualist Association has resources to help.

TGSA organizes the Annual Global Spiritualist Forum, the world’s top forum for spiritualists, with the mission of “bringing problem-solving energy to the world and giving everyone the ability to love and feel love.”



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