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Oolong tea benefits

Oolong tea is unique in that it contains both green tea and black tea compounds. As a result, you get some of the health benefits of both. Also, as oolong tea is semi-oxidized, it also contains more ECGC that other comparable teas.  A Chinese study evaluated anti-oxidative capacity of 30 different teas and showed that oolong tea on average has a higher antioxidative than several other types of teas. In fact, it has a lot more benefits. Here are a few:

It aids weight loss – Studies show that drinking oolong tea may increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation by as much as 12%.

Lowers blood pressure – Studies show that a Japanese version of oolong called Gaba tea may reduce blood pressure by 14%.

Improves sleep – Oolong contains both Gaba and theanine, which together can reduce time to sleep and improve sleep time.

Anti-hyperglycemic – Suffering from type-2 diabetes? Polyphenols in oolong may help in reduce the activity of an enzyme known to be responsible high blood sugar.

Improves gut bacteria – Oolong may help improve the balance of the bacteria in your gut, when eating a high fat diet. Buy antique tea for a range of teas that can improve your gut biome.

Fight’s cancer – Another study showed that the polyphenols in oolong could inhibit breast cancer cell growth. Regular drinking might also reduce the chance of ovarian cancer.

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