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How Massages May Improve Mental Health

Article by No Myth Fitness.

Summary: The physical benefits of massages are well-documented but there are also plenty of ways they can help boost your mental health.

When you hear about someone getting a massage you probably think about a masseuse targeting different muscles and putting pressure on tissue to relieve pain. This kind of treatment has been proven to effectively reduce physical aches and help increase the blood circulation throughout the body. Although there are numerous physical benefits you can experience after getting a massage, there are a number of different ways it can also improve your mental health.

Stress from Work

If you work a full-time job, no matter how much you enjoy it, you might still get a big stressed. The demanding routines, long commutes, and busy workdays can eventually take a toll on your mental well-being. A good Spa can help do away with some of the overwhelming stress.

If you usually go to sleep stressed and worried about what is going on in your life or if you go to bed sore and in physical pain, massages can actually help you improve your sleep quality. Improving your sleep duration and quality can help you wake up rested, energetic, and ready to take on the day.


Anxiety is a very common mental health condition negatively affects many of people each day. Similar to stress, anxiety can be difficult to approach and healthily release. Researchers have witnessed how massages, such as a Asian massage, could tap into someone’s nervous system and have soothing effects.

If you struggle with treating your anxiety, you should likely see a professional who can give you the care you need. That being said, a massage can also help you when you are feeling particularly anxious and uneasy.



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